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Once I realized that most of the world’s news outlets are commercial, for-profit enterprises with shareholders and all that implies, I precipitously dropped out of the world of the informed into the world of the blissfully unaware.  I think this may have happened fourteen or fifteen years ago when I was in high school.  Most of my close friends have continued to be amazed by my lack of connection to the world.  If I take their reactions as genuine, this aspect of my personality is perceived as high-minded aloofness and adds to my mystique and lovability.

NPR restored much of my confidence in the news media.  I was so excited and grateful, I immediately became a member of my local public radio.  But now that I don’t drive 45 minutes to work each way anymore (thankfully) I don’t listen to NPR regularly.  I slowly but surely slipped back into my comfort zone of being completely disconnected from the world and all the drama that news media drums up.  Aside from learning of Michael Jackson’s alleged death, I haven’t kept up with any current events but something is different this time.  I feel guilty for being comfortably out of touch.

I want to be informed.  I want to be able to discuss current events with my peers.  I am just still disillusioned by news media.  Even my beloved NPR colors their commentary (rather obviously) according to their ideology.  It just happens to more or less align with mine.  And, in an effort to be unbiased, they fall into the industry standard pattern of rattling off streams of statistics until my ears glaze over.  I find it numbing to listen to or to read statistics about the number of casualties in conflict X or the number of citizens unhappy about Y.  The relentless spewing of “facts” drives my brain to sleep.  The problem with news media is that they want to appear unbiased so they spew this cold, unfeeling trivia.  What I crave isn’t data in its pure form.  I crave to augment my experience by learning about yours.  Don’t simply recite factoids to me.  Tell me about how you experience the world.  Let those people directly affected by the calamities happening in their back yard explain the situation to me.  They might get the deathtoll wrong but their experience will transcend the data.  Technology has given the world enough interconnectedness to obviate the need for centralized clearinghouses for unbiased news.  To hell with feigning unbiasedness.  Give me bias.  Give me your bias.  To know you is to know myself a bit better.  That’s how I want to be informed.

So to that end, I am simultaneously ante’ing up by contributing my own experience and subscribing to a smattering of blogs as I discover ones I consider worthwhile.  Consider this my earnest foray into the world of distributed news media.  Bring on the medium as the m[e|a]ssage.  Perhaps in the economy of ideas, where relenquishing yours costs you nothing but I benefit from their reception, idealized social structures may emerge.  Maybe, one day, even I will be considered informed.


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