Magnum opuses, part 2

The glory of summer did indeed hamper my progress on both of my magnum opuses.  I gave in and shoehorned Ubuntu onto my computer.  It is working fairly well but I’m tempted to give Fedora 11 a try.  I cut my Linux teeth on Redhat (and worked for Turbolinux ~= Redhat) so I might just be more comfortable there.

On the 1Q84 front, I have fully translated two pages.  That’s right, two.  Oh well.

But back to Linux.  Today, I was kinda bummed that I couldn’t find a good way to adjust the LCD brightness from the command line aside from variants of  the technique mentioned here, so I wrote a pair of programs to do it.  Find them here.


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  1. Oh well, but you’re being harassed by a sadistic French teacher who gives you lots of homework, too.

  2. This is true 🙂 I didn’t count that as an opus because it is not as finite and is so much fun!

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