Jala neti

Slightly more familiarly, the humble neti pot is a centerpiece of my life.  If it were a more well-known a part of our culture, I might display my neti pot as a centerpiece of my living room.  St. Thomas Aquinas may have waxed poetic about wine.  Let me, for a moment or two, attempt to do the same for my beloved neti pot.

For the uninitiated, jala neti is the practice of running a warm saline solution through the sinuses to remove debris, mucous, etc.  It also has the side benefit of conditioning the tissue in the sinus and nasal cavities by applying slight osmotic pressure to the tissues and membranes thereby drawing some of the water from the cells.  I’m sure future science will prove that this is a good thing.  Personally, I think it feels dreamy.

I use my neti pot every day, sometimes twice, once in the morning and once at night.  I am prone to environmental allergies and clearing the olfactory slate is an absolute necessity for me in order to breathe clearly through both nostrils.

You could say I’m obsessed with breathing.  I work a job which is physically very sedate and my breathing suffers.  This brought me to the neti pot and the neti pot brought me to yoga where I learned and continue to study breathing exercises.  I firmly believe that if the breathing is smooth and clear, the mind is smooth and clear.  Anything is possible with the proper breathing.

If you find that you are breathing only through one nostril or otherwise have an occasional or frequent impediment to continuous clear breathing, I suggest putting down the loratadine, cetirizine, or other antihistamine and pick up a neti pot.  It’s cheap, natural and, to shamelessly use a contemporary buzzword, sustainable.  After you get over the weirdness of purposefully putting saltwater in your nose, you’ll be a devotee forever.


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  1. your last post (about your love affair with a device that pours water in your nose, none the less) is now two months old. step it up.

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