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On publishing

In this day of instant gratification publishing, traditional journals, who take their time to cultivate each issue by working with their authors and painstakingly formatting their content are starting to seem somewhat old fashioned.  Nonetheless, I find their vetting process useful in collecting valuable content targeted at specific audiences.

I recently had an idea that I wanted to publish in a C++ trade magazine, any of them would do.  I pitched my idea to Dr. Dobb’s, a rather prestigious computer programming publication and Overload Online, the free journal of ACCU, a community of programmers interested in things C and C++ related.  Overload was interested in my idea and complimented me by reviewing a draft but they noted that another author, Martin Moene, had presented a very similar idea, and encouraged me to write a follow on article.  I ultimately decided against writing the follow on article and, at first, I was crestfallen at being scooped.  Martin’s idea and mine are nearly identical in spirit if a bit different in execution.  But, more important than the individuals involved are the ideas and I’m glad these ideas are now firmly in the public domain where developers can benefit from them regardless of who presented them first.  (I’m laughing at myself a little in writing this last sentence but I resonate with the sentiment.)

So it is with a great deal of satisfaction at both my personal triumph over my own ego and at the honor of being part of this discovery that I present to you my original draft of this technique.


I owe a debt of thanks to Scott Meyers who honored me by giving me feedback on an early draft and for teaching his course on Effective C++ in Embedded Systems which inspired me to look harder for a solution to the problem this technique aims to solve.


Simple Update

It has been a long time since I last posted and I have nothing specific to report.  I have experienced plenty but much of what is going on in my life is in an undecided state.  Despite this sort of indeterminate superposition, I feel compelled to throw both of you, my loyal readers, a bone.

Seattle, contrary to popular belief has mild, beautiful winters.  The sky is occasionally overcast but not more than New York, Detroit, or central Illinois.  The air while not warm is not particularly cold and is fresh and clean.  It rains but the rain is not particularly irksome or offensive.  All in all, Seattle, like most other places on the planet, rests and rejuvenates itself during the winter months, so that it has the power necessary to provide its residents with some of the most glorious summer evenings I have ever encountered during my short couple of spins on this planet.  Seattle, in short, is a wonderful part of this amazing planet most, if not all, of the readers of this occasional missive call home.

I recently started riding bikes with .83 ( which is basically a roudy, carousing bicycle club (read: gang) that innocently (read: disruptively) rides every Thursday from a spot fairly close to where I work and live to some part of Seattle to revel (read: cause trouble).  I love my new friends in this little, close-knit club.  Last week we rode to a park and made waffles.  I brought applewood smoked, thick-cut bacon.  Needless to say, it was all delicious.

Professionally, I am fairly content.  I get opportunities to create interesting things most of the time.

I continue to enjoy my study of chado.

All in all, I have to say that life is good.  Of course there are challenges, deficiencies of various kinds, and problems, but I am not overwhelmed.

I hope this new year is treating you well and that you are receiving abundance in your life.