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Why should I read the classics?

It is not the fault of my many excellent English teachers that my exposure to the classics in high school and college was lean. In high school, I filled my electives with extra math and science. It wasn’t until college that I really started to love literature in all its forms. I made time in my engineering curriculum to read a bit of poetry and some fiction. I even seriously considered changing my major to English but that is another story.

Fast forward to real life. I didn’t remember my love of literature until relatively recently. I dusted off my library card and took a list of recommendations from a friend to my local library and recommenced my education.

This is the first of a series on specific classics of literature. It represents my taking a stand against the obvious trend cheekily intimated by Twitterature that contemporary society’s patience for meandering through beautiful prose or getting goosebumps over a great work of poetry is waning. I will attempt to explain why I think each work is worthwhile. If you don’t already, may this series inspire you to fall in love with the classics.