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Jesus is delicious

I was baptized in the Methodist Church in my hometown in Illinois.  Church was fun for me when I was small.  The old people were all nice to me.  I loved singing the hymn’s.  They had a childrens’ time that always felt special.  But the thing I loved most was the monthly communion.  They would bring tiny cups of grape juice and little bits of bread.  I was a little confused about the bread being the body of Jesus and the grape juice, his blood.  But, I gotta tell you, Jesus is delicious.  I think my love of French baguette stems directly from my experiences with communion at the Methodist church.

In later life, I couldn’t reconcile my belief in the equality of all beings and the Christian ideology so I decided that I couldn’t call myself a Christian.  Ultimately, Christianity makes itself very clear with its multiple choice test.  Do you take Jesus as your lord and savior?  Uh, I guess so.  Do you agree that all who do not believe that Christ is the son of God will go to hell?  No, I know lots of nice people who do not believe this.  Verdict: Not Christian.  After more thinking and talking to people who also think, I decided that Christianity and all religions are unnecessary, even harmful.  I still have friends who consider themselves Christian and I don’t fault them for it.  I just don’t subscribe to any.  They kind of boil down to cliques.  Mine is better than yours, etc.  And, they all seem interested in teaching you what happens when you die.  What an irresponsible thing to teach a young person.  Teach them how they should live.  It makes sense to mention to children about the finiteness of life and how that makes life itself precious.  It doesn’t make sense to tell them that when they die, they will go to a beautiful place and meet their dear aunt Jane who passed years ago.  These fantasies are confusing and useless.  Tell them only that they should take care of themselves, spread as much love as they can, and contribute a gift to the world, regardless of how small.